DystoniaAwareness Kyoto GP - LFS Race

EN : Dystonia is a movement disorder that causes the muscles to contract and spasm involuntarily. The neurological mechanism that makes muscles relax when they are not in use does not function properly. Opposing muscles often contract simultaneously as if they are “competing” for control of a body part. The involuntary muscle contractions force the body into repetitive and often twisting movements as well as awkward, irregular postures.

FR : La Dystonie est un désordre de mouvement qui cause la contraction involontaire des muscles. Des muscles opposés se contractent souvent simultanément comme s'ils "rivalisaient" pour le contrôle d'une partie du corps. Les contractions de muscles involontaires forcent ceux ci dans des mouvements répétitifs et souvent tordants aussi bien dans des positions maladroites qu' irrégulières.


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RACES = 11th July 18:00 UTC


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