DystoniaAwareness Kyoto GP - Rules

Type of race:

Race of 1.5hours (01:30)


GTA : FZR - XRR 350ch (20 and 25% air restriction)
GTS : FXR 320ch (32% air restriction)

Only teams of 2 pilots are accepted (one pit needed)

If a team engage 2 cars (2 cars are the maximum per team), they will be the same car models.
Race is limited on 29 of 30 cars. (Don't know at the moment, we will tell you when it's decided)


You can apply registration of your team in the LFS Forum topic HERE
For this you need:
Name of your license - name of your team - the full name of each member of the team.
The number will be given to you after all.

The names:

Ingames names will be like that :

Numbers in blue for GTA category

Numers in blue for GTS category

First letter of first name and full last name in white color

Timetable of the competition (GMT+2) :

08:00pm – 20 minutes: Qualification  (06:00pm UTC)
08:20pm – 10 minutes: break            (06:20pm UTC)
08:30pm - 90 minutes : Competition
  (06:30pm UTC)

Instructions of the race:

- Qualification:  Only the pilot who starts competition for the team is permitted to participate to qualifications.

- Process of race: The will be a rolling start with Pace Car. At start you will activate the speed limiter;
you can accelerate only when the pilote in front of you will start to go. You must place your self behind the pilote who is in front of you.
 Taking off the speed limiter and driving 100 km per hour is permitted only if you may catch the pilote in front of you.
In last sector you must keep your speed limiter on, also when there is difference between you and a car in front of you. 
No passing is authorized during this lap. At the end of lap, the pace car returns to the pit, the pole man keeps speed 80 km/hour (with the speedlimiter) till the starting line, after passing that line the pilot cans tart to accelerate. The rest of the pilots can accelerate when the cars in front of them start to accelerate too.

- Changing driver: Only one driver per car can be connected on server.
When a driver change is completed, the exiting driver must leave the server as fast as possible.

- Getting out off pits: The pilots getting out off the pits must respect the pit linethere.
The cars can not cross the pit lines. The cars on the track cannot cross the pit lines too, if there are or aren’t the cars leaving the pits.
A pilot who is crossing the lines will not have penalty, but if there is an accident, the responsible pilot will have penalty.

-Yellow flags: The pilots must be careful for the eventual problems on the track. If there is an accident on the track during the yellow flag, the replay will be analyzed to know responsible for it.

-Accident at the start: If there is an accident at the start of the competition, the competition will not be stopped to start again.
Pilots must be very responsible and careful during the starting of the race.

- Blue flag: Inferior categories must facilitate passing of superior categories and superior categories must make attention not to bump or stand in the way of inferior categories. The passing must be in total fair play for both categories. A mutual understanding is highly recommended.

- Wing over ( roll over ) : In the case of roll over or when there is not possibility to join the track, the pilot will be authorized to reset, but he must go to stands and make 60 seconds of penalty. If the reset cannot solve your problem (no fuel or stuck in the sand for example ),
you can use shift + P or shift + S and return in the pit. You must effectuate 60 seconds penalty like in the case of reset.


- All the objections made against a pilot after an accident will be solved after the race and if this objection is justified,
there will be warning, penalty and so on (according to gravity of the act).

- Dangerous, impertinent and illiberal manners will be submitted to administrators of the race who will decide one or more sanctions(according to gravity):
simple warning, stop for one or more races,degradation some places in countdown, removing some points, final exclusion and so on.

- Chatting is permitted only between the co-pilots for reminding stop in the pits or to call safety car.
The race must be prepared between the co-pilots before race, so there is not necessity to talk about strategy by chatting. If you chat too much, you will be warned. If the chatting continues, the sanctions will bestricter.

To remind for chatting
- There are administrators to ask for attention or to respect instruction for the race, not the other pilots.
- All the vulgar insults will be punished by definitive and direct sanction.

Disconnections and other technical problems:

- If there is a technical problem, a pilot is authorized to come back directly in the race.
 A lap in which you have an accident will be taken into account only if you are at the last part of this lap.
(You will bepunished if you use this system to win time!!)
- In the case that pilot who starts the race for the team is not presentat the starting line; he and his team will be disqualified. Finally, to come on server and start the race too late is not authorized.

Any questions ?

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